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These sites are ideal for online students who would otherwise be required to foot the subscription bill themselves.

This guide looks at some of the most reputable open-access journal websites, as well as paid subscription databases that are still widely used by traditional college students.

An average of four journal entries are added to the database each day.

One major advantage of DOAJ is the site’s extensive search engine.

Journals that charge a fee will typically grant free access to journal abstracts, allowing students to make informed purchases.

Oxford Open’s aggregation system is somewhat basic, but also user-friendly.

The following list includes some of the most renowned, open-access journals for five specific academic fields: business, computer science, education, engineering, and psychology.

However, their value is certainly not limited to students earning those specific degrees; each site features an archive of cross-disciplinary articles, research reports, literature reviews, and case studies ― all of which are free-of-charge for readers.

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Other sites, known as “open-access” databases, allow users to delve into journal entries free-of-charge.

Wiley Online Library consists of more than 4 million journal articles and books that cover every conceivable academic topic; while the library is not exclusively open-access, much of the work found in the database is free to read. OMICS Group: More than 300 open-access scientific journals are housed in this database, with a readership of roughly 3 million users.

Much like Wiley Open Access, the entries made available by OMICS Group must undergo a rigorous peer-review process prior to their publication.

While the school has also stated that the significant cost of publishing makes it all but impossible to provide open access to all journals and articles, Oxford Open’s database is comprised of archived content from more than 300 publications.

The majority of these journals are fully open access, and the site also provides an array of optional open access entries (articles with publication costs paid by the author) that users may also access free-of-charge.

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