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The premiere of the first movie is a huge success, and of course paparazzi from the supermarket tabloids stalk Viktor in hopes of photographing Simone. The movie was written, produced and directed by Andrew Niccol, who wrote "The Truman Show" and wrote and directed "Gattaca," both films about the interface between science and personality. He wants to edge it in the direction of a Hollywood comedy, but the satire is not sharp enough and the characters, including the ex-wife, are too routine.

And there's a bigger problem: Simone always remains ... The computer image always looks as if it's about to come to life and never does.

And he's giving a raw look into his industry because he can- he's got the clams to do it and the power os they say yes.

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One can imagine Simone suddenly being possessed by Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and breaking up a serious dramatic scene with video-game violence. well, almost anything except that she remains a well-behaved program.But the screenplay's too narrow and prevents him from taking the character beyond a certain point.Most of the big events are handled with sitcom simplicity, and the hungry gossip reporters are presented as they always are, a howling pack with no wit or originality.Al Pacino plays the director, Viktor Taransky, once brilliant, recently the author of a string of flops.Only his young daughter Lainey (Evan Rachel Wood) still believes in him--a little.

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