Bike to work scheme online dating

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Buy now British firm Hiplok made its name with its wearable locks, but at a mighty 4.6kg this one’s too heavy to lug around.

Instead, it comes with a handy mounting point you can put on the wall to hang it up when not in use.

With Sold Secure’s top Gold rating, it’s designed for very high risk areas and at 1.5m, it’s long enough to chain a number of bikes together.

The 10mm hardened steel chain is encased in a washable nylon sleeve to avoid scratching your pride and joy.

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It’s 800g, so not too heavy to carry around, and there’s enough room at the ends to add a second padlock for extra piece of mind.

Buy now Available in an eye-catching fluro-yellow and black, this U-lock comes packaged with a handy 1.8m cable which you can loop through wheels or other valuable bits of your bike.

The lock is rated Sold Secure Gold and boasts a pleasingly long loop, as well as a dust-cover to keep muck out of the mechanism.

Buy now Want to stop sneaky flatmates borrowing your beloved racer for a Sunday spin while you’re lazing in bed? It’s got a 120Db alarm to let you know if anyone starts tinkering.

You can disarm it with a flick of the key if you want to use it like an ordinary U-lock at a busy parking stand where it might get knocked.

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