Chibipaint oekaki online dating

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If you tell him one thing he will believe it, but you have to do it bluntly .

If you try to hint at something he will never figure it out .

She treats Gabriel as an equal but is treated like a goddess in return . He is always off pitch when he sings and his voice slides everywhere .

He can't tell a "do" from a "mi" and god forbid him to actually try and sing a whole song .

When he cares about another than he will do anything to make them happy and smile . When one would look at him they would expect him to have the voice of well- an angel .

He is rather tone deaf and cannot sing in the right pitch or key at all .

He loves to have fun and is constantly poking jokes at others and teasing them playfully .

Gabriel is always zipping around from place to place, doll to doll, carrying messages and gossip .

He doesn't like the way they look or smell or even taste . This doll refuses to eat any of it due to none being aesthetically pleasing to him . This doll is a bit old fashioned and doesn't get the use of modern technology, often finding it useless or too difficult to use .

The toaster usually scares him half to death and lamps are just plain annoying when he trips and gets tangled in their wires .

We all have that one particular thing that we wont eat and just can't explain why, well, Gabriel's is orange food .

Carrots, some cheeses, oranges, cantaloupe, pumpkins and everything else .

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