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The term was often used in a general biological taxonomic sense, Even though there is a broad scientific agreement that essentialist and typological conceptualizations of race are untenable, scientists around the world continue to conceptualize race in widely differing ways, some of which have essentialist implications.

While some researchers use the concept of race to make distinctions among fuzzy sets of traits or observable differences in behaviour, others in the scientific community suggest that the idea of race often is used in a naive and argue that, among humans, race has no taxonomic significance by pointing out that all living humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens, and (as far as applicable) subspecies, Homo sapiens sapiens.

The Versa Point had its origins in the work of Canadian inventor Roland Galarneau (1922-2011).

I had never heard of Galarneau, but I found that tells his story.

Although such groupings lack a firm basis in modern biology, they continue to have a strong influence over contemporary social relations.

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party," he tells her, pulling a photo out of his pocket."We're done," Miley shouts."Where I come from, y'all, that's a compliment," Jennifer continues, explaining the shoe toss.

"And we know at times, when you sing like that, you better be prepared to do what? "As the coaches begin to plead their case in hopes that Chris will choose them as his coach, he's asked what he really wants.

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