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Just like famed Democratic Senator and Klansman Robert Byrd grew to accept a new racial reality, so did many other Southern Conservatives.However, one would be foolish to deny the existence of racism within the Republican Party , but modern conservatives have clearly rejected racism, relegating it to the odd world of the “alt-right”.Surely South Carolina and Louisiana should be oozing with the undercover racist conservatives, where else could they be?Why are they rejecting the people they are supposed to love (David Duke) but have no issue embracing brown people? Why are secret white racists jumping at the chance to back people of color?To add to it, not one of these secret racists thought to challenge him?Even more so, why would the same group of secret racists (and arguably misogynists) elect an Indian woman named Nikki Haley to run their state?Is it possible that limited government and lower taxes matter more to the black conservatives than dying racist?Or are you convinced that they are trying to help “the white man” oppress their own?

They ignore the fact that the hyped up War on drugs was in part a reaction from the very real black victims of the crack cocaine epidemic.

However, those racists can’t live forever and aren’t likely to be replaced by younger blood at rate high enough to matter. Meaning many conservatives have come to terms with the fact that most Blacks are democrats, and they hate democrats equally regardless of color.

The false “us” versus “them” dichotomy goes both ways.

There is an incredibly strong anti-intellectualism among some within the black community and this manifest itself into an outright hate towards black conservatives.

This shows through the rejection of decorated conservative black scholars in the National Museum of African American History in D. This disdain is built on the false and dated separatist dichotomy of the “us” versus “them” that remains as remnants of yesteryear and in some cases this flawed ideology has been passed down like an inheritance. This realignment is commonly thought to have taken place after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and was completed when President Reagan pulled what was left of the dixiecrats into the Republican Party turning the American South firmly red. However a very important aspect of this transaction is often ignored today — many of those ole dixiecrats didn’t die racist.

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