Dating of the dead sea scrolls

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There's plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails here for the active, and since the top of the mountain is still 176 meters below sea level, it may be the lowest mountain you ever get to climb.This modern town, founded in 1961, is best known for the important Tel Arad archaeological site just on its doorstep.Neve Zohar has a spa, restaurant, and several hot mineral springs to soak in.It's also worth a stop for the three-kilometer walk from here up to Mezad Zohar, a stronghold situated on a conical crag amid magnificent mountain scenery.Wadi Arugot is En Gedi Nature Park's southern valley.Like Wadi David there are a multitude of pools and waterfalls along the trails here, though some of the hiking in this wadi is more difficult than in Wadi David, so it tends to get less visitors.This rock-salt mountain is a must for those who want to add a bit of adventure into their Dead Sea experience.

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On the road between Neve Zohar and Arad are two lookout points where you can enjoy excellent views across the Dead Sea.This resort, on the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea, has a mineral spring that has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.The resort itself has a bundle of hotels and spa establishments for both those who are visiting to seek treatment for skin ailments in the Dead Sea and travelers who just want a Dead Sea experience. To the north of town are the remains of the Mezad Bokek fortress, built by the kings of Judah to provide protection against Moabite attacks.Trek from the waterfall up to En Gedi Spring, where northwest of this you'll find the remains of a 4th-millennium-BC Chalcolithic temple dedicated to the cult of the moon.In the center of the building is the circular "moon stone," while two gates of the sacred precinct face towards En Gedi Spring on one side and the Shulamite Spring on the other.

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