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This enormous potential has not gone unnoticed by investors from other regions of Brazil and even other countries.And these companies are helping to consolidate a strong economy in the present and to insure a bright future for one of the most promising municipalities in Brazil.

Leia as próximas páginas e depois inclua no seu roteiro de férias ou de negócios, uma visita a Lages.Descubra um município de porte médio, estruturado, receptivo e que tem muito a oferecer. We are pleased to present to you in the pages to follow a complete portfolio of Lages, the largest municipality in Santa Catarina in territorial extension.Its 2.644,3 Km² of area are covered by mountains, fields, valleys, rivers and of course a developed and well structured city that is home to most of the 180 thousand inhabitants of the municipality.Lages is one of the most promising cities in Brazil and arises as one of the fastest growing regions in the state of Santa Catarina.The agricultural sector, already recognized for its livestock and vegetables productions of the highest quality, now divides the attention with an ever growing commerce, that has consolidated its position as a reference among the neighboring municipalities.

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