Dota 2 cache validating

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For Mac OS X, follow the Linux instructions for Steam CMD usage.The Mac OS X build of Steam CMD can be downloaded here (

So, when you see commands like: app_update 740 validate Know that the Dota equivalent is: app_update 570 validate I'll refer to the root of your steamcmd install as "dotaserver" You'll need a compatible srcds executable for your platform.

t=209965) plugin in order to fix a number of issues.

Note that you must edit the file in the "dota" subdirectory in order to install Metamod: Source.

DS's original post brushes over the specifics of executing SRCDS on your platform.

Mandatory: -game dota -console Sub-Mandatory: -port So, my Target: field looks something like this: "C:\dotaserver\srcds.exe" -console -game dota -port 3003 -ip -maxplayers 10 For -ip, input your computer's LAN address.

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