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"If we don't have a Black Berry, we feel we are nothing, and we are ignored by our friends."But the biggest issue is not money.

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She was drinking and regularly using drugs by ninth grade, when she dropped out of school to manage the prostitution business full time. Money began to flow, and so did the drugs: She became hooked on crystal methamphetamine, known here as shabu shabu.

All waited for her call to meet a growing list of local and foreign customers in the popular tourist town of Bandung."We rented a house to live together," she says.

"It makes life easier to yell out: 'Who wants this job?

Then she established a pimping operation that grew to include a car, a house and some 30 working girls earning her up to ,000 a month — a small fortune in a poor country."The money was too strong to resist," she says.

"I was really proud to make money on my own."Two years ago in Indonesia, there were zero reports of child pimps like Chimoy who work as the boss with no adults behind the scenes.

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