Historic spark plug dating

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Please email your precise requirements for price and availability.The actual evolution of the modern day spark plug came about as a solution to the problem with early flame and ignitor ignitions on internal combustion engines.

Other main Champion Spark Plug production facilities are in Mexico and the USA.We welcome trade enquiries for Champion Industrial Spark Plugs and Ignitors.Some parts are kept in stock but as these products are usually high value and large quantity they will normally be ordered on request.2 of copyright law of July 10, 1952 of the People's Republic of Poland, all photographs by Polish photographers (or published for the first time in Poland or simultaneously in Poland and abroad) published without a clear copyright notice before the law was changed on May 23, 1994 are assumed public domain in Poland.Albert Champion was a Frenchman who immigrated to the United States in 1889 to race bicycles and motorcycles.

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