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You do the same, and our hands rake, caress, explore I can already feel my cock getting hard, and instinctively, I press it, through layers of clothes, against the softness of your hips and belly.Suddenly, your hands fly to my shoulders and start pressing down firmly its plain what you want. Continue reading → Im a 44 year old banker in Las Vegas whose wife, Pam, is 10 years younger.

I ask for and receive your permission to have a cigarette with my drink. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowed it again. I emerge wearing a black leather teddy, and my boots, now fully visible, extend over my knees and up to my thighs. Peter thought he would explode right there and then. I offer myself in submission to you, and you remove my coat. Leaning forward, Alice tongued the tip of his cock, licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there.My flight leaves at PM next Sunday for home sweet home.In the morning I felt almost as tired as I did the night before.

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