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Each year, the themes of our camps are different – you can find educational and self-development events, long canoeing or cycling trips, or even games-oriented camps (with a camp-long game based on adventures of mammoth hunters, settlers in uncharted lands, or palace guard recruits, to name just a few).We have also been organizing camps in foreign countries for a couple of years now.This Summer in between trips to visit family or weekends away for weddings, use some PTO for Summer camp. There are plenty of options for adults, some of which really put the "adult" in adult Summer camp. With that in mind, here are four issues a kid might face at summer camp that Camp AMAZE will be tackling. Parents can help their kids prepare for that inevitability by having the (potentially awkward) conversations about it."Parents want their children to be safe, healthy and happy, so it's imperative that we overcome our embarrassment and start talking," Cushman says."Young people consistently report that their parents are the biggest influence in their decisions about sex and relationships and — however uncomfortable they may appear — they want to hear about these topics more from their parents."This is one I can personally speak to!They experience a place designed to create happy memories and encourage self-expression.All campers treasure the time they spend getting to know other kids with hearing loss and being part of a “family” environment. It is an experience that has changed their lives.” View the photo gallery from Summer Camp 2016 We enjoy spending time with every camper.

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Going away to camp can give them a chance to test out this newfound freedom, so it's the perfect time for parents to address their expectations, set clear boundaries and arm their children with the information they may need to navigate new situations.”Even though I only spent one week at sleep away camp, I can definitely attest to the boundary-pushing that can happen.And it’s also a time when kids might have more adult-type experiences — but their parents aren’t around to help.That’s where a new online sex and puberty education platform called AMAZE comes in.Holidays upside down – that is just one way to sum up the experience of Prázdniny s Brontosaurem (“Holidays with the Brontosaurus movement”, abbreviated as “Ps B”).Within this project, a number of summer events for people aged 15 to 26 (and others as well) take place each year.

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