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It has a veil of green freshness that keeps it from being too much.

The other white flowers are blended very well into it, and when the fragrance settles, it mostly stays on the path of white flower/citrus/green freshness.

This isnt dated with its tonka base sweetens up the floral.

Fracas and Moramanga reign supreme as the grand dames of white florals but this is a gem for the princess in waiting. I should love this because I love gardenia, tuberose and jasmine..I don't. I wear this baby all year round, a few times each week. I always wanted a perfume that gave me the effect of "wet, cut grass" such as grass that has been rained on and happened to be freshly mowed. I heard Kim was really good with perfumes so I decided to let go my personal bias towards her go and try this.

I know the term "bug spray" gets thrown around a lot, but in my honest, objective opinion it smells a lot like a personal insect repellant you can buy here in Australia, with an undertone of gardenia and tuberose. This perfume makes me feel so womanly and so sexy, but not overtly so. To me, this is a perfect blend of floral, sweet, sensual, and feminine. This is the closest perfume I've found that smelled the closest to "wet freshly cut grass." I don't particularly enjoy the notes individually but it has great smell.

I hardly ever reached for it and gave it away with a bunch of other fragrances during a clear out.At this stage it reminds me of Gucci's Bloom mixed with Michael Kors, though I have to say, I think I may like this one better than either of those.First, Michael Kors doesn't last at all on my skin, and second, Bloom is too green and citrusy, making for very polite white florals in comparison to Kim Kardashian's rich scent.I am a Poison, Giorgio, Kenzo L'Elephant, Obsession & Opium girl...maybe this is too gentle...I probably need Amarige.....hopefully, it's much louder... This is classified as an oriental,that's why I blind bought it, but all I smell is an overload of gardenia or tuberose.

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